8 d’abr. 2020

CADENA DE VEUS dimecres 8 d'abril

dimecres 8 d'abril

Avui us mostrem els audios, vídeos i escrits que hem rebut.

La NÚRIA CALVET d'A2M1 ens escriu:

Any day of confinement

At the  moment when we are all confined to our houses, I am lucky to live in a high floor and exterior that  is oriented to the sun that has beautiful views.
I am also lucky, in these sad days, to have my husband with me and also the virtual  company of my children and grandchildren.
During these days I try to distract myself by listening to music, reading, watching  movies and exercising.
But above all, I am lucky to be part of the WhatsApp group of my English classmates that make me feel that I am not alone.
See you son,


English 2M1

L'ANGEL GUAMÁN de C0M1 ens recomana activitats per fer:

La LALI CALAFELL d'A3V1 ens envia aquest vídeo:

La M.ª LUISA d' A3 ens explica:

My name is Maria Luisa.
I was born in a small town in the North of Palencia in 1958, it had about 300 population and now they were left  half. Remember that the Winters were very cold ,there was a lot of snow and sometimes we were isolated more days .
I have four brothers and three sisters. I’m the mor small,
My parents worked in the field.
I liked going to school because I enjoyed going the math exercises, this changed in the institut , there were more difficult.
I came to Barcelona in 1974, l was 16 years, l didn’t like  anything, my parents stayed there, and l lived with my brothers.
I didn’t like to study and l started working and little by little l adapted.
I got married in 1981 and two years later my daughter was born .
I have always lived and worked in Barcelona ,but  really  like is the nature , so sometimes l will walk and enjoy the mountain .

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